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Balboa - GS100 New style. Free delivery Mainland UK & Wales

Balboa Control Box - Global Series GS100
We now stock the latest version of the Balboa Global Series GS100 control box. This control box is ideal for small hot tubs with tight spaces to work within & this is also a great product to upgrade smaller spa systems.

  • Ideal for small roto mould spas with small spa system upgrades.
  • Used with a 2.0kw remote heater (sold separately)
  • Dual Speed Pump 1 
  • 230v ac Ozone
  • Light: 1 x 12 Volt
  • Small, easy-mount, easy-set control box

Brand:  Balboa
Connection:  AMP to PCB
Pump 1:  Dual speed pump
Air Blower:  No Connection
Heater:  2.0kW  (purchased separately)
Light option:  12 Volt
Ozone:  Optional 230V
Topside Controller Included:  No
Topsides Compatible:  VL Range VL200,240,260, 401,402,403,404

Height: 137mm
Depth: 60mm