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Alkalinity builder 1kg TA PLUS

Alkalinity Builder 1 Kg


Quality Alkalinity Builder/Increaser specially formulated to increase the total alkalinity level in your hot tub or swimming pool water. Suitable for use in hot tubs, inflatable hot tubs and swimming pools.

In areas of soft water or if stabilised chlorine tablets are used as a sanitiser in the bathing water it will be nessesary to add alkalinity to the water.

Water that is low in alkalinity is corrosive to pool pumps, heat exchangers and tile grout and alkalinity builder should be used to prevent this. Alkalinity builder will also slowly increase the pH of the bathing water. In hard water areas the alkalinity level will already be sufficient.


Directions For Use

Hot Tubs: 

100g will increase the alkalinity in a 1,000ltr spa by 50mg/l. Add directly to the spa whilst jets are running to aid distribution. 

Swimming Pools:

100g will increase the alkalinity in a 44,500ltr pool by 12mg/l. Add directly to the pool.