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Bromine tablets 1kg

Bromine Tablets


Quality Bromine tablets for sanitisation of your hot tub or swimming pool water. Suitable for use in hot tubs, inflatable hot tubs and swimming pools. 


A tablet form of Bromine which produces free active bromine to kill bacteria and other harmful organisms in your spa water. The rapidly dissolving granules can be used as part of your daily maintenance routine and have minimal impact on pH.


Bromine tablets should always be used with a floating dispenser.


Directions For Use


Tablets should always be used with a floating dispenser – Place 1-3 tablets in the dispenser and adjust the collar to get correct rate of dissolution. Tablets will take 2-3 days to dissolve. Maintain a Free Bromine level of 3-5 ppm in your spa.


Bromine tablets MSDS. View