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Balboa Spa Pack Bundle - GS501Z + VL240

Balboa Spa Pack Bundle - GS501Z + VL240

This pack is built to order so may not be available for next day delivery.

Balboa Spa Pack Bundle - GS501Z + VL240  - 2 Pump/1 Pump + Air - 3.0kW Heater

A standard sytem with the option of adding a 2nd pump or blower.

Balboa spa pack bundles are a great way to overhaul and update your hot tub control system to the latest and most reliable systems on the market!
Ideal for replacing Chinese control systems prone to failure or updating outdated older systems that are no longer serviceable.
The Balboa spa packs also increase system flexibility by allowing different equipment configurations and upgradeable options such as audio visual and Ozone sanitation systems.

All Balboa Spa Packs are built on their proven M7 sensor technology meaning there is no longer a need for external temperature, pressure or flow switches to be installed. This is all taken care of by the sensors which are neatly located with-in the heater tube, and with PCB boards that are designed with integrated AMP sockets which eliminate the usual maze of wiring, you have a system that installs cleanly and is easily serviceable. Couple these packs with neat and feature rich top side controls and you have a control system that leads the industry in quality and reliability.

Bundle Contains:

  • GS501SZ Spa Pack
  • VL240 Topside Control - 4 Button layout - Jets 2, Jets 1, Temp, Light
  • Alternative layout Overlay - Jets, Blower, Temp, Light
  • Amp Cable Pack - 4Pin (2 Speed) x 1, 3Pin (pump, blower, ozone) x 3, Light harness x1
  • Topside bezel and template for mounting.

Operation Specifications:

  • Blower: Yes**
  • Pump 1: Yes 1 or 2 speed option**
  • Pump 2: Yes**
  • Pump 3: No
  • Circ Pump: Yes option**
  • Light: 10V/12W max on/off
  • Ozone Ready: Yes
  • A/V Output: Yes
  • Fibre Optic: No
  • Screen Lift: No
  • Heater: 3.0KW - 2.00"(63mm) Female sockets

**Pump/blower combinations as follows:

  • If NO PUMP 2 installed, blower option is possible.
  • If NO BLOWER is installed, PUMP 1 can be either 2 or 1 speed, PUMP 2 can be 1 speed.
  • If PUMP 1 is a 1 speed, Circ pump must be used.