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Balboa 3.0kW Heater + 2 PSI Switch - metal box

Built in the Factory

This heater tube is factory made and comes complete with a new 3kw element and Balboa pressure switch, it is made from Titanium, which means it can withstand even the harshest chemical, pressure and heat environments.

When replacing a heating tube for anything except its age please remove the cause of the fault, i.e.. wrong chemicals being used incorrectly or restriction of water flow (blocked filters or pump failure)

Power: Volts: 230
             Hz: 50
             KW: 3.0

Amps:  11.5-12.0

Specification: Sensor compatibility: Pre M7 double harness style
                       Material spec: Incoloy
                       Required flow rate: Set by pressure switch
                       Flow detection: 2-PSI Balboa pressure switch

Compatible with: Lite leader box, M3 TUV, Spaform SF100, Catalina,                                                                Hydropool, Canadian Spa, Hyrdospa, Marquis Spa, Aegean,                                                and more...


Connections / Fixings: Usually held in with a double aluminum brace. Hi limit sensor                                                 pouch on underside. 2"  plastic female fittings to connect to                                                   the plumbing                          

Dimensions: Heater length: 15 inches
Heater Diameter:  2 inches
Between terminals: 1.25 inches
Overall length complete:19.5 inches