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Balboa M7 Sensor (24inch most common)

Made by Balboa

Codes for sensors: 30382

Says "sensor asssy 24" (1/4) m7 on the sensor label

Sold as a single unit - It is always advised to purchase these sensors as a matching pair.

Hot Tub and Spa Sensor. This is a Balboa hot tub sensor for any M7 system, will also replace 12" Balboa spa sensors.

Comes with o'ring, metal washer,


Do not over tighten the nut (should be finger tight) and do not switch on hot tub if water has got onto the PCB (wait for this to dry properly before switching on the hot tub).

We recommend you consult a qualified Hot tub engineer

Balboa hot tub sensors are used to repair SNS, SNA, SNB. SN1, SN2  errors, if the problem persists you will probably need a new PCB.


Manufacturers Code

Part Number:  30382

Product Specification


SKU:  31703
Brand:  Balboa
Length (cm):  61cm
Width (cm):  6 mm
Make & Model:  30344

Commonly used on:

Balboa GS/GL Series such as GS501Z/GL2000 etc. but not GL8000. All order systems would use the longer 24 inches cable. Also used more recently on the Balboa BP series such as BP601 and BP2100. These sensors are also used on the Balboa Revolution series because of the shorter cable.