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Instant spray on Filter cleaner 500ml

Hot Tub Filter Cleaning Solution

 Please wear protective gloves and eye protection when applying this product, take care on windy days.

Quality instant filter cleaning solution for degreasing/cleaning your hot tub cartridge filters.


Our filter cleaner is used to remove oils, dirt and greases from hot tub cartridge filters, restoring and maximising filtration efficiency. 


Directions For Use


Remove your filter(s) from your hot tub, hose off your filter, spray the filter media with instant cleaner ensuring good coverage into the pleats of the filter, leave to soak for 15 minutes - rinse thoroughly using a hose or one of our Aqua combs.

Ensure all cleaner is removed from the filter to the best of your ability. If filters are heavily soiled repeat. 


Never use a pressure washer on your filters this damages the media of the filter.