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Chlorine granules stabilised

Chlorine Granules (Stabilised)


Quality Chlorine granules for sanitisation of your hot tub or swimming pool water. Suitable for use in hot tubs, inflatable hot tubs and swimming pools. 


A granular form of chlorine for sanitising swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. Our granules are manufactured with a stabiliser to help prevent the destabilisation and destruction of the chlorine by sunlight and UV rays. This prolongs their usefulness as a sanitiser over other types of non-stabilised chlorine products. These chlorine granules should be routinely used to help maintain a safe bathing environment.


Directions For Use


Hot Tubs: 


To increase the free chlorine level by 2.5ppm, add 5 grams (a teaspoon). On average you should need approx. 1 teaspoon per person using the spa. Maintain a chlorine level of between 2-4ppm in your spa or hot tub. Re-adjust the pH balance to between 7.2-7.6 for optimum bathing comfort. Remember to frequently test your water using chlorine test strips.


Swimming Pools:


Routinely use between 2-3ppm residual chlorine in small or domestic pools and 3-5ppm in public or heavily used pools.  For each ppm of chlorine increase required use 40g per 25,000 Litres of water. Remember to frequently test your water using chlorine test strips. 


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